About Freeze

FREEZE magazine is an 100% independent edition concerning ownership and ideas. Is the only magazine, in Greece, that covers Dance Music Culture. It started it’s successfull publising since October 1999. A monthly Dance Music & Lifestyle Magazine with a number (1 to 2) of dance-electonic music CDs, as gifts to it’s Readers, in each and every issue. FREEZE has published up to 72  issues and over 100 labels of electronic music Cds .

To name But a few : Poker Flat , Gigolo , Ultimae , Dragonfly , Hydrogen Dukebox ,L.S.D , Phonokol , FiberlineAudio , Hook BellBoy , Merck , Iboga e.t.c And also historical CDs by THE Future Sound Of London , Ulrich SChnauss , The ORB and lots more like DJ Hell !!!
FREEZE Facts: Electronic Music – house – progressive – techno – electro – industrial Extreme music – ambient – downtempo – chill – hip hop – rap – funk – soul Dub – Dub step – Reaggae – Lounge – Outter Limit -IDM – EBM- Experimental

Key facts :
[1]Freeze magazine  is the only media from Greece that is chosen to be the media sponsor for EXIT FESTIVAL and AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT the biggest electronic music conference in the Planet!

[2] Freeze magazine has a strong following of people all over Greece and Cyprus

[3]we targeted the readers to  ages 14 to 45 , people that want to find new music , new ideas , new ways of expression and travel all over the planet.

[4]The ONLY MAGAZINE IN GREECE that for 10+ years keep supporting the electronic music!!!