CDS we release with The Magazine




Musica Obscura, A K2O Showcase (CD, Comp, Promo)

Freeze24b Various Gravity (CD, Comp) 2003
Freeze26a Man With No Name Dragonfly – Past + Present (CD) 2003
Freeze36a Various Kompakt (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2004
Freeze36b Various Junk Science (CD, Mixed) 2004
Freeze40a Various Dub Till Dawn (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2005
Freeze42a Various Modular Expansion Volume 1 (CD, Comp) 2005
Freeze43c L’Elf* Turbo Trance Hits (CD) 2005
Freeze44a Various Gogo Music (CD, Mixed) 2005
Freeze44b Various FiberlineAudio.Com Presents… Submono (CD, Mixed) 2005
Freeze44c Various Rainbow Samurai (CD) 2005
Freeze45a Various The Planet Of The Breaks – Episode 1: Welcome To The Dark Side (CD, Mixed) 2006
Freeze45c Various Cosmic Sound Presents “After Midnight Selection” (CD) 2006
Freeze46a Various Deep Down Under (CD) 2006
Freeze46b Kukan-Dub-Lagan* Kukan’s Dub Journey (CD, Mixed, Comp) 2006
Freeze47a Various Elektr-O-tech Experiments (CD) 2006
Freeze47b V-Sag Colored Concept (CD) 2006
Freeze49a Various In Progress (CD) 2006
Freeze51a Various Underground Lessons (CD) 2007
Freeze51b Various CUT Sampler (CD, Smplr) 2007
Freeze53 Various Elektr-o-tech Experiments 2 (CD) 2007
Freeze55a Various The Secret Ingredient (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2007
Freeze57 Future Sound Of London, The FSOL Digital Mix (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2008
Freeze58 Various The Orb Versus Freeze (CD, Mixed) 2008
Freeze65 Dj Anoebis* Suntrip Records Warming Freeze (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2008
Freeze72a Transwave Front Fire (CD, Mixed) 2010
FreezeΣR06c DJ Avi Nissim* Phonokol – Power Stormers (CD) 2003
KFDFreezeCD01 Jeff Bennett Kung Fu Dub Sessions (CD, Comp) 2007
none Various Psy-Harmonics Sampler (CD) 2001
none Various EyeSunDays – How Many Angels Can Dance In A Head Of A Modem? (CD) 2001
none Chris Cowie Best Behaviour Sampler (CD) 2001
none Various Selected Novatekk Tunes (CD, Mixed) 2001
none Various Digital Structures Presents DigitalDJ02 (CD) 2001
none Various It Record Shop (CD, Comp) 2003
none Various Solitude Is A Luxury We Can’t Afford (CD) 2001
none Various ButterfliesUnique (CD) 2002
none Various Liquid Sound Design (CD, Smplr, Mixed) 2003
none DJ Banel Iboga In The Mix (CD) 2004
none Various A Day In Life – A Tribute To Legendary Life FM (1993-1997) (CD)
none James Monro Rhinomix (CD, Mixed, Comp) 2001
none Various Phantasmagoria (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2000
none Various Trinity (CD, Mixed) 2002
none Stama Erase The F***ing System – Punk Infused Electro Rockin Breaks (CD)
none DJ Boronas Electric Dream (CD, Mixed)
none Ulrich Schnauss A Collection Of Whispers (CD, Comp, Promo) 2008
none Various Ibizare (CD, Comp)
none Various M3rck Meets The Fish (CD, Smplr, Promo) 2006
none Various Gravity 2 (CD, Comp) 2004
none Various Nuphonic Records, Creamy Music & Freeze Present Nu Sound (CD, Comp, Mixed) 2001
none Various Electronic Music For Heroes – Hydrogen Dukebox Records (CD, Comp + CD, Promo)
none Various ULTIMAE Records – Futurespective (CD, Comp, Mixed)
none Atmos Beat Archeology 1996 – 2002 (CD, Comp, Mixed)
none Infected Mushroom Epic Times – Live Exclusive (CD, Mixed) 2010

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