Crosstown Rebels presents Rebel Rave new release in November

Crosstown Rebels celebrate seven years at the helm of some of the most cutting edge dance music on the planet with a compilation of their finest moments and a taste of what is yet to come.

Spanning three discs, thirty artists and three hours of inspirational music, Rebel Rave celebrates the current position of Crosstown Rebels as a global leader in electronic music output. Following in the footsteps of landmark albums including the ‘Rebel Futurism’ and ‘Get Lost’ compilation series, they collate some of the finest releases from the likes of Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, and Soul Clap.

Focusing on their most recent achievements and new artists including Deniz Kurtel, Maceo Plex, and Glimpse, Rebel Rave also touches on some key classic releases from Andre Kraml, Minilogue, and Jennifer Cardini, giving a representation of the collective vision of this unique global family. Uncovering exclusive material from Nicolas Jaar (who remixes future Rebel artist, Maceo Plex), one half of Wolf+Lamb Gadi Mizrahi (remixing the anthem that broke Seth Troxler ‘Love Never Sleeps’) and a special Rebel Rave edit of Rebels’ anthemic Laurent Garnier release.

Disc one and two are collections of musical diversity, touching on early dubstep (ShackletonNext To Nothing’), pure retro sounding house from an original house master (Dyed Soundorom VS Aaron CarlNaked’), to space disco (Brennan Green’s take on Luke Solomon’sDemons’), with many exclusive collaborations (The Royal We AKA Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson & Hector ‘Party Guilt’) and award winning music (MinilogueHitchhiker’s Choice’ which was awarded a CAD for the video).

Disc three is a special collation of Crosstown’s material by Rebel recruit, Clive Henry, who overlaps and recreates his selection of tracks to deliver them in a whole new light. Henry is a long term resident at Ibiza’s infamous DC10 and was part of the long-standing Peace Division outfit, who also released on the label. His 20 years of experience have awarded him a unique insight into the current underground musical horizon and as one of the oldest and closest friends of Crosstown Rebels, he gives a dynamic perspective on its history.

Rebel Rave ( was spawned by a series of forward-thinking films, documenting the Rebel crew’s antics and delving into their musical souls. Starting in 2008, Rebel Rave has followed the Crosstown Rebels family from London to Paris, Manchester to Berlin, New York to Detroit via Miami and San Francisco, each episode giving an honest snapshot of inside the Rebels quirky world. This year the Rebel Rave tour took the family of artists across America and Europe.

Crosstown Rebels was formed in 2003 by former Head of A&R for London based label, City Rockers, Damian Lazarus, who was responsible for signing and releasing classics like Felix Da Housecat’s ‘Silver Screen’ and Tiga’s ‘Sunglasses’. Inspired by the new energy in international club culture and keen for some of the new and exciting electronic artists to get the attention they deserve, Lazarus formed his own label and has been delivering fresh concepts and ideas into the underground scene ever since. From dazzling events across all corners the globe including the Stink series at T Bar and DC10, room takeovers at Fabric in London and Goa in Madrid, the Rebels sound is admired and devoured from Montreal to Peru, Japan to Australia and all over Europe their fans await their next move.

Tracklisting – CD1
01. The Royal We – Party Guilt
02. Deniz Kurtel featuring Guests Of Nature – Yeah
03. Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps (Gadi Mizrahi Remix) Exclusive
04. Glimpse – If I Was Your Girl (Simon Baker’s Piano Workout Mix)
05. Dyed Soundorom featuring Aaron Carl – Naked
06. Butane – Inferno Jack (Anja Schneider Remix)
07. Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Remix)
08. Chic Miniature – Escandalo
09. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Far Away
10. Soul Clap – Action/Satisfaction
11. Maceo Plex – Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix) Exclusive

01. Minilogue – Hitchhikers Choice
02. N/A featuring Rosina – Fables And Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
03. Peace Division featuring Pleasant Gehman – Voodoo (It’s In The Wall)
04. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky – Tuesday Paranoia
05. Jamie Jones – You!
06. Hiem – She’s The One
07. Riz MC – Don’t Sleep (Tiefschwarz Remix)
08. Rob Mello – Does It Feel Good Baby? (Vocal Mix)
09. Different Gear – One Thing More
10. Laurent Garnier – Stargazing (Rebel Rave Edit) Exclusive
11. Shackleton featuring Jackson Del Ray – Next to Nothing

CD3 Clive Henry’s Rebel Rave DJ Mix
01. George Thompson – Laid Back Snack Attack (Accapella) / Andre Kraml- Safari
02. Pier Bucci – Polaris / Dan Berkson – Circuits
03. Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps (Par Grindvik Remix – Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit) / Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps (Accapella)
04. The Royal We – Party Guilt (Accapella) / The Royal We – Party Guilt (Matthew Styles Remix)
05. Dyed Soundorom – Beautiful Eva / Deniz Kurtel – Yeah
06. Glimpse – If I Was Your Girl (Tom Demac’s Hotel Basement Remix – Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit)
07. Jamie Jones- Acerola / Jennifer Cardini – Tuesday Paranoia (Accapella)
08. Frankie Flowers – The Key (Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit) / Different Gear – One Thing More (Accapella)
09. Glimpse- If I was Your Girl (Beats Mix)
10. Peace Division – No Junk No Soul / Butane – Inferno Jack / Different Gear- One More Thing (Accapella) / Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps (Strings)
11. Shackleton – Next To Nothing (Exercise One Remix)
12. Dyed Soundorom- Naked / Naked (Accapella Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit)
13. Jamie Jones- Mexico

John Digweed – Structures  new double CD

In July 2010, Bedrock will release 2xCDs bringing together their latest single releases and a plethora of unreleased exclusive tracks and remixed tracks from ‘Bedrock Eleven’, all mixed together to perfection by John Digweed.
The release will also have a bonus DVD featuring ‘Eye Of The Storm’, a visual masterpiece documentary, filmed in South America by Pablo Casacuberta. Plus ‘John Digweed Live at the Vagabond’, recorded live at the ‘Bedrock Creations Party’ at Vagabond Miami 27th March 2010, which is John’s first ever commercially available live mix.

010 is proving to be a fantastic year for music and a great year for the ever-impressive Bedrock Records. For his latest album venture, ‘Structures’, John Digweed has selected an exceptional 33 tracks, bringing together the latest Bedrock single releases and a plethora of unreleased, exclusive tracks and remixed tracks from ‘Bedrock Eleven’, all mixed together to perfection the man himself.

The totally tuned-in, turned-on, forward thinking mix across 2xCDs, not only features the amazing music of big guns like Cristian Varela, Guy J, Christian Smith, Quivver, King Unique, Nick Warren, Mutant Clan, John Digweed & Nick Muir, but also showcases the label’s desire to push forward the rising stars of the future. A glance through the tracklist reveals the impressive talents of Rowdent, Dimitri Nakov, Marc Marzenit, Ian O`Donovan, Sian, Luis Junior and many more. The additional bonus of featuring some of the best remix work from Nic Fanciulli, Pete Heller, Psycatron and more, only confirms that John Digweed has his finger firmly on the pulse of the electronic dance scene in 2010. It’s an international showcase from this influential label that is hard to beat.

‘Structures’ is further enhanced by the inclusion of a bonus DVD featuring ‘Eye Of The Storm’, a visual masterpiece documentary, filmed on John’s last tour of South America by Pablo Casacuberta ( <> ). His exceptional creativity assumes that the viewing audience has a certain awareness of John Digweed’s “public persona” and hence seeks to take a glimpse his inner life, thinking processes and his imagination using visual metaphors that can illustrate them in a graphic way. It’s an approach that reinvigorates the somewhat formulaic music documentary genre, and takes it to another enthralling level. NB – You can get a further insight into the making of this documentary as Pablo Casacuberta discusses his artistic approach, below.

It seems amazing that through such an illustrious career so far, John Digweed has never had a live DJ mix made commercially available! But, ‘John Digweed Live at the Vagabond’, recorded live at the 9th Annual Bedrock/Creations Party at Vagabond Miami 27th March 2010, included here on the ‘Structures’ bonus DVD is yet another musical milestone. It’s a live mix complete with slideshow that captures the essence of this amazing Bedrock party for posterity. <>

’Structures’ is released 12th July 2010 on Bedrock Records. <>

CD 1 *New unreleased
1. Luis Junior – Colache – Sometimes Mix* 2. Alex Dolby & Santos – Babylon – John Daly Remix*
3. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is*  4. Mutant Clan – On and Amp – Vincenzo Remix*  5. Alex Dolby & Santos – No Walls – Maher Daniel Remix*  6. Dirty Mongrel – Cream – Wiretappeur Remix*  7. King Roc & Dimitri Nakov – Alameda Jau Dub* 8. Cristian Verela – Colmedream 9. Rowdent – Put It To Bed*
10. Quivver – Boom Boom  11. Cristian Verela – Perras A Tutti  12. King Unique – 2000000 Dubs*
13. King Unique – 2000000 Suns – John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix  14. Quivver – In Your Boat

CD 2 *New unreleased
1. Nick Warren – In Search Of Silver – Structures Edit*  2. Guy J – Esperanza – Umbral Aguir Remix*
3. Marc Marzenit – Unexpiritualized – Pete Heller Remix*  4. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Meteor – Beats*  5. Ian O`Donovan – Aurora Borealis  6. Marco Bailey – Jungle Laps – John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix*
7. Marc Marzenit – Neo Galaxy*  8. Saints and Sinners – Pushin’ Too Hard – Nic Fanciulli Remix
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Tangent – Marco Bailey Remix*  10. Christian Smith – Flyertalk – Wehbba Remix*  11. Mutant Clan – Persuader – Psycatron Remix*  12. Cristian Verela – Etiam
13. Sian – Dreams Are Maps*  14. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Rayavadee  15. King Unique – Feniksas  16. Luis Junior – BG – Beats*  17. Erphun & Thee O – Collusion*  18. Guy J – Esperanza – Sistema Remix*  19. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Satellite – EFX*





Astypalaia Art And Culture Festival Cancelled

We really do not know why the Greek Authorities act like this.

we want Tourism or we do not?

Official from The organizers :

We would like to regrettably announce that our first Musical and Cultural Festival, which was taking place on July 9th -July 12th, 2010, duration of 4 days and 3 nights, has been, sorry to say CANCELLED. We would like to sincerely apologies for this unfortunate disappointing announcement. We would like to explain to you all, why this happened and by whom. The festival was on the last stages of commencing, as we were stunned and shocked, with the sudden change of decision of the, Mayor of Astypalea, and the Board of Council, in the Municipality of Astypalea, to inform us that, they have re-voted against the festival happening on their island. This sudden change of decision occurred after we had met with the, Mayor and the Board of Council, and they had assured us that they were very keen and pleased to host our festival on their island. Furthermore, we had government representatives, supporting and endorsing our Music & Culture Festival. Despite all that, and the fact that, we also have and endorsement from the, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, (EOT). We were so surprised, to be notified that they cancelled our Festival!! Once again, we would like to apologies for this unfortunate announcement, but you must understand that we are as shocked, disappointed, and upset as you all are. We had all the permits and contract with all the concerned bodies to make this festival a reality, as well as, the verbal confirmation from the, Mayor of Astypalea, and the, Municipality of Astypalea. They apparently had an emergency board meeting, re-discussed the festival, and came up with different scenarios why it is not be welcomed on their island. They researched other various festivals that happened in Greece, with the crowds or situations; and the incidents during those festivals, they were concerned and implied that their hospital and clinic facilities are not enough and available for this amount of people on their island. We are so disappointed and distraught by this unfortunate sudden change of decision they took!!We would like to sincerely apologies for any inconvenience or discomfort this may have caused any of you, but we hope you understand and acknowledge our despair and regret that this occurred to our team, in which we tried to present you, and offer you, a one time experience, and the rebirth of a true Music Festival.!

On this new limited 7inch vinyl and digital release Equinox Records introduces Andreikelos from Greece to the label’s artist roster. Mediterranean sound meets electro as the traditional Greek organ bouzouki smoothly flows over an abstract hip-hop beat alongside violins and synths, all blended with an MPC 2500 accompanied by two Technics 1200s.

“Not all of my beats have a mediterranean character but since this is to be my first official international release I wanted it to sound like home”. (Andreikelos)

The philosophy of “(Call For) The Last Stand” is all about unity even when there is no hope spotted nearby. Though fighting for your rights and beliefs until the last breath can lead to what the ancient Spartans called “The ultimate glory”, you never know how the final battle will end and who will be the last man standing.

Leaving these Greek affairs behind, Earthkeptwarm (who already provided us his great remix of 2econd Class Citizen’s “Step Inside”) adds some UK flavour to the tune. The wobbling bass of his striking dubstep remix is giving the track a completely new feel and makes this release a useful tool for djs as well.

Bonus Tracks (digital only):
The hard beat at the beginning, alongside with the distorted guitars, piano synths and turntables are only “A Good Start” to what comes on the finale which exceeds 200 bpm. With drums flowing everywhere, “crying” guitars and an all-controlling bouzouki, this is to be an adrenaline boost to start a day, or could it be a great ending too?

About Andreikelos:

Dimitrios Kountouris a.k.a. Andreikelos was born in Athens, Greece in 1981 and graduated from College as a sound engineer in 2001. Since 1997, Andreikelos has been the producer and co-founder of the alternative hip-hop group Apokalypsis with which he has released four full length albums. In 2007 he finished his first album called “The Tides of Time”, featuring some of the most talented Greek MCs. Then, a year later, he released his first instrumental vinyl e.p. called “The Creation / Planets” which is a two track instrumental hip-hop/electronic release. This marked a new beginning for his all-time passion for instrumental and abstract forms of beat-making, which brings us to todays “(Call For) The Last Stand”, the first release on the German label Equinox Records.

Release Date Vinyl: June 18th, 2010

Release Date Digital: June 25th, 2010


– Freeze Magazine will include in the next issues  untill end of 2010 CDs from NINJA TUNE and Cocoon Records


Official Statement 11th May 2010

With great sadness we have been forced to cancel the Glade Festival 2010.

When we started back in 2004 we did so out of a love of electronic music, free spiritedness and alternative culture and in response to the vibrant free party scene in the UK. We wanted to have our own version of the kind of colourful, creative and non-corporate events that happen in many places across the planet… Looking back it is amazing that it happened.

As many Glade fans will know over the years we have fought hard to maintain the integrity of the event against steadily increasing restrictions imposed by local authority and police. The resulting compromises have led to increased costs, increased ticket prices and a throttling of the very essence of what we wanted to do. It led to us finally having to move from the lovely Wasing estate due to late night noise restrictions and the police’s demands for an ever-increasing security and police presence at the event.

At our new venue, Matterley Bowl, there has actually been some amazing support from the local council who’s officers recognize the professional and co-operative way we run the event and the contribution to the local area and the country’s cultural diversity. They have worked with us to ensure the Glade is a safe and enjoyable event and openly recognize that we have one of the best event management teams in the country to do this.

However this year the requirements imposed upon us for policing, security and stewarding have been greatly increased. To make matters worse the reluctance of the police to negotiate in advance and deliberately delay any dialogue with us has resulted in our being unable to tie down a final costing for the event. This, along with unexpected legal fees associated with a last minute license review, has radically increased the cost of the festival.

We are an independent, sponsorship free event. The ethos of the Glade is to provide a place where people can safely come and express themselves freely and peacefully, dance and be in the countryside with the music they love without a heavy urban police and security presence. We strive to put on the most diverse and interesting festival we can by spending a large part of the budget on the ambience of the event and by having multiple stages with music from a myriad of both established and up and coming artists, musicians and djs from the many genres of the thriving underground electronic music scene.

Faced with what is already an expensive event to put on and with these unexpected forced increases in security and police costs as well as a level of advanced ticket sales that is below our expectations we have no choice but to do the responsible thing and cancel the event.

We have explored every way we can to keep the event going and, unfortunately, have been unable to find a solution. We have been unable to secure sufficient financial backing and scaling back the event, to a level where we can be confident we could pay all our bills, would mean losing smaller venues and the quirkiness that make up the heart and soul of the festival.

We’d like to send our thanks and love to all musicians, artists, crew and fans that have made the Glade what it was. We appreciate all the support and love over the years. It has been a brilliant trip and there’s been some beautiful moments in time but for now we can’t go on. We hope that this is not the end of the story and we will continue to strive to create a genuine grass roots, community based, control free, true spirited dance festival in the UK.

To all those who have bought tickets to this years event, please go to the point of purchase to claim back a refund.

If you have bought your tickets from Ticketline, either directly or by buying tickets on Glade’s website, please contact Ticketline’s customer services by email at or by phone on 0844 888 4409 who will refund you for the face value of your the ticket. Booking fees will be retained as an admin fee.

We are in talks with other festivals that we feel you will be interested in as Glade festival goers about the possibility of swapping your ticket for another festival at a discounted rate. We will be in touch as soon as possible, so please wait until then before applying for your refund.


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